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CALMENS is an application based on the Natural Contraception Method (Natural Family Planning). It allows you to easily estimate:

* the baby’s gender (planning it or finding it out)
* the fertile days (the days when conceiving can occur)
* the “safe” days for unprotected sexual intercourse
* the day of the menstruation

These calculations can be simple or extended. In the last case, CALMENS displays the information for a few past or future months.

The calculations made by this application are based on the information that you introduce, respectively:

* the date of the last menstruation (the first day of the last menstruation)
* the medium length of the menstrual period
* the length of the menstruation (menses)

In case that the medium length of the menstrual period is unknown, CALMENS helps you to calculate it by using the dates of the last 3 menstruations.


Using the natural contraception method (and therefore the CALMENS application) is not recommended for a woman if one of the next situations occurs:

* the menstrual periods are very irregular
* the length of the menstrual period is shorter than 21 days or longer than 39 days>
* the woman works in shifts (day / night) or she changes the time zone

Modifications of the menstrual period may also appear under the influence of negative circumstances, such as:

* epression
* malnutrition
* illness

Carefully use the information that CALMENS gives you, taking into consideration that the method it is based on has an efficiency of 90-95% (which means that 1 of 10 women who rely on this method for the conceiving control gets pregnant every year). This percentage takes into account both the unplanned pregnancies and the ones caused by ignoring the rules that this method requires.

You should be aware of the fact that the only method that is 100% efficient in the prevention of pregnancy is total abstinence. At the same time, there is no method 100% efficient for obtaining the pregnancy. The efficiency of all the family planning methods highly depends on the actions of the involved persons.

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